December 2014

From the 2014 Subscriber survey:

Before subscribing I would not have bet on the greyhounds. But after analysing the results of the predictor, using the filter I have had an enormous improvement in my punting results/strike rate. So great job Formpro Ratings take a bow.



One delighted user of the ratings said in an email after striking a slice of the $8256 bonus bonus Pick 6 at Whanganui:

“Thank you very much. I got a nice percentage of it (Pick 6) . I find your site very helpful. I am a huge fan of speed maps and they are especially such a great help for the sprints.”

June 2014

From an exotic subscriber:

“Thanks again for your great product, especially the new Predictor approach. Really good for ‘Ganging’ in the exotics!”

June 2014

Not an uncommon story – many punters find that the more info the have, and the more accurate that info is, the more reason they have to bet across codes.

Thanks for the stats. I am not normally a greyhound follower, but have been looking and betting on them lately mainly based on on the predictor. Tend to look at races where the top dog rates both best in predictor and box speed. I have been taking small multis and while not making big profits it has been paying off nicely. Gallops is still my main interest but thanks to the predictor and its success , the dogs especially over winter are getting more of my money. Appreciate your work. Thank you


May 2014

Feedback from a very happy subscriber following yesterday’s bonus quaddie at the Auckland dogs.

I finally took some time to have a closer look at the Formpro Ratings to understand them more.

To try them out more closely I took a quaddie on the dogs today (Auckland) and bingo, I got 2 ½ times the $345.80 quaddie, $864.50.

Wow I was wrapped, I took the 2 top dogs ( Distance column) in the last race but the first top dog won and the other ran 3rd.

Thanks Neil. I will be looking at your ratings a lot closer from now on.


Good example of how ratings complement traditional form analysis and generate the results that punters like!


Your ratings have done it again.

Today at Gore looking for some entertaining small bets on big price horses.  Started from race 3 so I only had 6 each way bets. Until the last race only collect on the highly rated roughies was Lord Yarborough paid $3.60 FF place.

Then in the last race the ratings threw up two horses top rated after adjustments.  One was at $5 but the other was Split Decision with 3kg claim at $14 on FF (came into $13), rating and price was the first tick.  Looked through rating history and best rated recent performance was 3 races ago over 2000m Dead 4 with senior jockey on, then two runs over 1600 for 3rd and 2nd and now back up to 2000m on Dead 6, so 2nd tick.

I’m sold at this stage based on ratings.

Dig a bit further and saw that last start 2nd was to Dewdrop who ran a game 2nd earlier in the day, 3rd tick. Last few starts has begun very well, winners been handy most of the day and barrier 1, fourth tick. So with all those ticks I doubled up on my bet size each way at $14.
The rest is history, jumped well, easy lead and then waved them goodbye at the 300. Marvellous.