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Greyhound Ratings Help Files

Posted: July 10, 2016 at 5:43 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

The Formpro Ratings for greyhounds has a number of different screens providing punters with essential information.

Video Introduction to Formpro Ratings for NZ Greyhounds

If you are new to the ratings, perhaps the best starting point is to check out our video on how to use the ratings.  Once you know your way around, you can check out the more detailed help pages for each of the screens listed below.

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Formpro Ratings – Greyhounds

The Formpro Ratings for the dogs provide a ratings for a number of different categories with the ability to order runners according to a single category.

View help file.


The speedmap provides a visual representation of the box speed of the runners and each dog’s predicted position at the first bend.  The speedmap can help punters quickly find dogs who are likely to be advantaged or disadvantaged by the speed in the race.

View help file.


The Formpro Ratings Predictor brings together multiple metrics and creates a single predicted rating with runners order according to the predicted finish order.

View help file.


The Filter gives punters a different way of looking at form in a race – rather than providing information on all runners, the Filter provides the top ratings based on the filter criteria you set.

View help file.


The Statistics page provides information on box draw success rates and the position of the winner at the first bend.  These two metrics help identify any factors that could influence the race result based on past performances of the runners in a race.

View help file.