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Doing form can often seem like a jigsaw puzzle.  Many times, it seems like there’s a few parts missing!

One piece of the puzzle that can help is data on the track which can potentially identify any bias or peculiarities.  While this data on its own may have marginal value, it can be useful when added to specifics for a race.  For example, a horse with early speed and an inside draw who maps well could well be advantaged by drawing a low marble.


As with the greyhounds, we track two metrics:

  • barrier draw
  • in run position

The in run position is based on the standard positions we allocate to every race runner – lead, trail, handy/forward, midfield, back (of midfield) and well back/tailed off.  A small number of runners are allocated NA eg they stayed in the stalls or came out bucking.

We display the data based on distance.

Beta Mode

While the data should be pretty accurate, it is worth noting that it is still beta mode until we have confidence that there’s no strange bugs in my code!

Also, keep in mind, some stats by will have less data if the course/distance is not frequently used.

Cambridge Synthetic

With Cambridge racing tomorrow, a couple of possible things to look for.

Over the 1550m races, there’s been 40 starters from the barrier 1 and they’ve won 12 races for a 30% success rate.

Leaders have won nearly 40% of races over 1300m.

Good punting


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