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Changes to the Filter

After the refresh, I had some feedback on improving the filter.  To be fair, as I use it a lot, it was a change I was keen to make but with everything else it has take a while to get around to it.

If you haven’t used the Filter before, jump down to the end of this post for a quick primer.

Changes to Filter Options

The main change – at least for racing subscribers – is that the filter options are part of the page rather than the annoying two part process I had used previously.  It seemed like a good idea at the time … as the NZRFU are no doubt saying a lot these days!

The other significant change is that if you change races within a meeting, the filter options persist ie you don’t need to reselect the filter options again.

Using The Filter

Assuming you’ve used the Ratings site before, you will be used to different views of the data.  If a value is available for a runner, each runner returns exactly one value which means you can compare best ratings across the entire field.

The Filter differs in two main ways.

First, you can select the Filter options based on what you think are the important criteria.  For example, you can select from all dates or limit to say the last 180 or 30 days (the shorter values are useful for the greyhounds).  I hope to add other options down the track too.

Second, and this is perhaps the key point, the Filter results show the top performances according to the criteria you set.  So if one runner has all the top ratings, that’s all that display.  Keep in mind there can be false negatives – runners may have equivalent ratings but don’t display based on the criteria you select.

Questions or Comments?

If you have any questions, leave a comment below.  Or alternatively get in contact with me or Neil.



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