We’ve had a few people mention the new look and feel but more importantly, we’ve heard a few Ratings followers managed to find a decent value winner in the last at Riccarton yesterday.

The ratings clearly had Light Up on top by two points (lengths) over the second rated runner with a further two lengths back to the third rated runner.  I’ve just got my calculator out and that works out that Light Up was rated four lengths clear of all bar one runner.

One click will have told you that the merits of the rating were due to a close second in a R74 race over the same distance back in January.  So apart from anything else, it was an easier class.

Naturally we wouldn’t be writing this up if it hadn’t one.  What gave our followers a real boost was that Light Up paid $44 to win, while the second rated runner ran third paying $3.50 for the place.

Let’s hope we have a few more success stories to add to the pool room!

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