A quick review of the selections yesterday and some of the standout performances across the day.

A loss for the strategy of just over 4 units but if you have been following the strategy from the beginning, you’d still have a decent profit of over 25% on turnover.  I’ll post more on that next week.



The good performers from the selections were at Palmerston North. The selections started with a kick with profit returned on the first two bets.

Thrilling Baxter won PN race 1 comfortably with Bigtime Brody third.  The had the two best opening sectionals for the 457m.  Brody is definitely due another win – I suspect the trick is for me not to back him.

Thrilling Morris (PN Race 4) was never in danger.  Given his strong performance in the Derby, it was no surprise but there still was a flag around the start.  His opening sectional was actually the third best of the day behind a couple of C5 days in race 1.  I would have expected a strong closing split from Morris but the win was never really in doubt.  Second pick Rapid Fire made a nice exacta.  Thrilling Amelia ran third in the second best closing sectional of the day so definitely one for the black book.

Bigtime Billie scrapes into the good with a second in PN race 10.  Her strength is her opening split but she really didn’t pick the jump yesterday running an opening split of 7 second flat, nearly 5 lengths slower than the previous week.  The opening sectionals from that C5 race were surprisingly poor although Lebron ran the second best closing split to win.  The best closing split of the day was actually the C0 runner Thrilling Hazard (race 3) so he’s clearly a runner with a lot of potential.

The bad and the ugly and they were at Addington.

Bruno Barbarelli‘s (Addington race 5) opening split of 5.97 was only slightly worse than his recent performances but he just hasn’t been able to dominate.  His better performances have come from inside and outside so perhaps it’s time to sack him until he draws a marble. The winner was slow away and got a charmed run along the rails so hard to know what to make of the race as the sectionals don’t really rate that highly either end.

The value runner was Claws in Leo (race 7) and it was just a run.  The winner draw the 1 box and it was good to see Hotshot finally show some form.  Hard to know what to make of Claws in Leo but the ratings suggest he will win more at this class.

Dogs to follow

Bigtime Brody continue to runs decent sectionals but more importantly runs around offering a bit of value.  It’s always tough in C5 as he’s up against the best but he’s still worth following.

Thrilling Amelia’s closing sectional puts her into the black book as does Thrilling Hazard although his opening sectional wasn’t lightning.

Amuri Mystic had the best closing sectional for a C1 runner over 295 and that was from box 5.  With a better draw, should go close soon.

Darla Bale had a nice run in third on the rails until the end of the back straight and given she lost by less than 4L, she covered a lot of extra ground but still fought on.

Dino The Fox deserves a mention as he had the fastest opening split for the 410m in a C2/3 race.  The problem is that he runs wider than my jeans in the 70s but if he can get out and front they have to run him down.



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