Selections for Thursday, 22 May racing at Whanganui (M9)

Once more, a number of races with some very short runners.

The Cole team have been on an amazing run the last couple of meetings and it would be no surprise to see it happen again.

A reminder that there are Bonus Back offers for races 1 and 2.

Best Bet

Whanganui M9 R1 Big Time Angel (1)

Again, not a lot of value in the $1.50 but the way she’s been winning it has looked good money after.  More to the point, you’re getting $1.50FF with money back if she runs 2nd, 3rd or 4th.

RP $1.50 currently $1.50 (opened at $1.65) FF

Funny old race.  Like a run out in cricket.  Yes – No – Yes – No.  Four(th) and out.  At least we got our money back.

Value Bet

Whanganui M9 R9 Cheese and Chalk (1)

I have no doubt that Trojan Hoarse is the better dog but he just hasn’t been picking the starts the last couple and comes up with another squeeze box.  Conversely, Cheese and Chalk has been off the lids like a politician looking for a free trip and that could be the difference.  On a simple value basis, you would have to think there’s more value in Cheese and Chalk paying $1.75 a place than Trojan Hoarse $1.65 a win

RP $3.50 currently $6.50FF

On a simple basis, $1.65 beats what you get back for fourth.  Didn’t quite get the start we hoped and there is the start of many sad stories in greyhound racing.

Multi Maker

Whanganui M9 R7 Big Time Fairy (5)

There just doesn’t seem to be a lot of depth in this C4 race – Big Time Fairy’s last three races have rated better than the rest of the field have ever rated.  Still has to jump but looks to have the box speed to clear them and beat them.

RP $1.60 currently $1.75FF

Fairy easy win.  Did what was needed to win.

Recommended Strategy 10 Units

4 units Big Time Angel @ $1.50 (bonus back race) 4 units back (bonus)

1 units Cheese and Chalk @ $6.50 missed

2 units Cheese and Chalk place @ $1.75 missed

2 units quinellas Cheese and Chalk + Trojan Hoarse missed

1 unit multi BT Angel WIN Cheese + Chalk PLACE Big Time Fairy WIN to return 4.6 units Missed


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