Manuakau Greyhounds

Best Bet

Race 11

Confidence: 4/5

4.Buddy Boom has the three best adjusted times here over the last 90 days. The money came fro him last week before the race was abandoned because of the shed fire. The 5 dog veers out and the 3 dogs veers in, so he is going to get a clear crack at the lead and maps to lead with that clear run so looks very hard to beat. RP $1.80, $2.20 FF

Best Value Bet

Race 7

Confidence: 2/5

8.Boyka has drawn box which could play into his paws as he is slow away and with Thrilling Izzy likely to go wide into the first bend, that may cause some roughing up wide allowing him to get a clear run through in behind on the rail as happened here two starts back when he drew box 3 and charged away in a 6L faster time than the C5 dogs on the same day. He has run by far the best times here and is just going to need a liitle luck go his way for the first 100 metres and he can clean these up. RP $4.50, $7 FF

Boxed to Win

Race 1

Confidence: 3/5

1.Fancy last Sunday, drew box 7 and veered down to the rail and fought hard for second in a nice time for this grade. On Thursday, she drew the same box and got away ok but there was good speed inside her and that was the end of her. This time she has drawn the rail which is ideal. 2 dog can be hit and miss at the start and usually stays away from the inside. The 3 dog likes to move wider into the first bend. And wider dogs are just average away at best. So with a record of 4-2-1 from Box 1 looks well placed to lead and get home. RP $2.30, $2.50 FF Bonus back offer on this race

Speed Map Special

Race 2


The key to this race is 7.Hillbilly Brewed as last start here from box 8 he began evenly but then just charged over towards the rail taking out anything in his way. Drawn 7 here and if he does the same thing, that leaves the passage well clear for 8.Nana Molly drawn just outside him. She debuts here after two very good runs in nice form races since lockdown. So she has the early speed and best two ratings to say she can win and with the 7 dog likely to take out the main dangers, she looks perfectly placed to lead by default and win. RP $1.90, $2.50 FF Bonus back offer on this race

Multi of the Day

Race 2 8.Nana Molly $2.50 and Race 11 4.Buddy Boom $2.30 Ff ( NB There is a Bonus Back offer on Race 2 and 1 so back it to win on FF betting then if she wins, then put it all on Buddy. $10 returns $57.50

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