There’s free ratings today, Tuesday 12 May.

And there’s two meetings today with 12 races at Palmerston North and another 12 at Addington. It’s the first day back at PN since the lockdown.

An outstanding day at Addington dogs for subscribers yesterday.

7 of the 12 winners were top rated in the Predictor including a $12 winner. And 6 of the winners had the best box speed including an $11 winner. All the information you need to give you a winning edge and it is all free access today here.

At Addington yesterday ( 11 May ) the ratings found these winners

Race 1

1.Making News 1st  $2.30  best Box speed and top in the Predictor

Race 2

8.Culvie Numb Boy 1st  $3.60 2nd in the predictor

Race 3

8.Honey Lantree 1st $6.20  1st in Box Speed

Race 4

4.Impressive Mood 1st  $11 best box speed and top 3 in the predictor trifecta $77

Race 5

3.Fast Angel 1st  $1.60 top on Box speed and the Predictor

Race 6

3.Miss Adobe $2.30 top in Predictor

Race 7

5.Nassor 1st  $2.90 top in Box speed and the Predictor

Race 8

4.Sefton Double 1st  $12 top rated in Predictor plus $482 trifecta in the top 4 Predictor runners

Race 9

2.Goldstar Yankee 1st  $5 3rd in Predictor

Race 10

8.Quicy Bale 1st $2.10 top in Predictor

Race 11

3.Gary 1st $2.20 best for box speed

First race since the lockdown starts at 12.01pm.

The TAB are offering bonus back bets for the first two races at Addington.

I’ll post selections just before the first races – sorry a busy day.

It’s simple and easy to access the ratings if you’re not a member.  Just click on the link below to sign up for FREE access.


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