Selections for Thursday, 7 May racing at Addington (M9)

First premier meeting at Addington tonight.  It’s worth repeating that it will take a week or two for some runners to be back in form but having said that, the Predictor results were outstanding at Hatrick on Tuesday.

Best Bet

Addington M9 R4 Mustang Tully (1)

Maps to lead and is rated on top. C5 races can be very competitive but if she gets to the lead as mapped, she should be hard to run down

It’s been a tough day at the office and we’re only at race 4!  Mustang missed it – went down on her nose at the start and just no chance.  To early to say so but it will be interesting to see the stats for the dogs who are loaded first.

RP $1.90 currently $1.85FF

Downgrade Doggie

Addington M9 R6 Oakmont (3)

Oakmont really made an impression coming up through the grades but has found live decidedly tougher up against the big boys and girls in C5.  Back to C4 she has the opportunity to get back into winning form.  Box 2 would have been ideal but she maps to get to the rail

RP $2.00 currently $2.10FF

Boxed to Win

Addington M9 R1 Smash Achiever (1)

The early money has come for Tricky (8) and it wouldn’t be a surprise if she won.  However, you can easily blow the bank chasing $1.50 shots!  Smash Achiever is 4 from 5 from box one and not surprisingly ran her best time from the 1 box.  I’m not entirely sold on Tricky from box 7 – she maps well but if she is even half a stride slow, it may give Smash Achiever a big chance.  With so much money for Tricky, it provides a bit of value on Smash Achiever.

Warning lights are flashing – Smash Achiever simply didn’t run up to expectations and ran liked it needed a run or two to get back into form.  Disappointing for our selections but the warning light is on early.

RP $2.70 currently $3.60FF

Speed Map Special

Addington M9 R5 Punch On Buzz (4)

Not a selection for big units but certainly a lot of value.  There’s a couple of good chances in this race but Punch On Buzz looks the likely leader.  And if that happens, he could snag the win or even hang on at very nice money.  Worth a small investment each way.

Those warning lights have turned into a disco.  It’s quite clear that it’s going to take a while for dogs to get back to where they previously were so bet with caution.

RP $6.00 currently $18FF

Recommended Strategy – 10 Units

We’re trialling a recommended strategy per meeting and will use a standard 10 unit strategy per day.  Keep in mind that if your single unit is $10, you multiple the units below by your value to work out the amount to invest.

4 units Win Mustang Tully @ $2 Missed jump

3 units Win Smash Achiever @ $3.60 Missed jump and ran like it needed the run

1 unit Multi Win Smash Achiever + Mustang Tully@ $7.20 Missed

1 unit Multi Win Oakmont + Mustang Tully@ $4.20 Missed

.5 unit EW (1 unit total) Punch On Buzz @ $18/$3.70 Missed

100% but not what we want!  While we waved the flag at the start, the results have been very tough especially in a couple of races.  Hopefully once dogs have a few runs, things we return to normal


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