Updated at 1.30 – Pick 6

It looks a pretty open pick 6 today with no anchors or at least dogs you could anchor with any confidence. First leg is the last race of M3 while the last 5 legs are the races that make up M9.

Leg 1 – Don’t Knocka Gee (8) could be a possible anchor on some tickets but don’t you hate dipping out in the first leg?? I think Kamada Park (5) is a chance based on its win at Cambridge while Race Me Home (1) could be the upsetter. I thought Hot Platter might get run down but he hung on gamely.  Not out in the first leg as I must admit I didn’t have a great deal of confidence this week.  Will be interesting to see if it is struck from here.

Leg 2 – Bigtime Vince (7) could be a possible anchor on some tickets but don’t you hate dipping out in the second leg?? He does look the top bet.  If you go wider, then the two likely pacemakers are Eye Know (4) and Bigtime Sandy (6).  A couple of blowouts could be Zipping Cobra (9) and Double That (5).  It’s a tough race if you want to go wider than the favourite.  Another favourite bites the dust – as I said, if Vince was beaten it could be anyone’s race.  Jackpot time?

Leg 3 – 3 and 7 should cover this.

Leg 4 – Cheeseball (2) looks the best bet but we have the complication of a first starter from Aus who has won last two starts.  Simply Smooth and Tommy The Jett aren’t without hope also.

Leg 5 – A funny race – 6 starters and at least 4 have winning chances.  Go as wide as your budget allows.

Leg 6 – you need 2 and 4 and if you can fit it on your ticket, BT Levi can’t be left out.

A few of the Palmerston North rock stars – at least of the canine variety – are having a break today with some feature racing coming up.  There’s also a few scratchings today.

I’ll have a look at the Pick 6 and post my thoughts by 2 pm.

Bet of the Day – M3 Race 2  Mother’s Touch (3)

Last week, Mother’s Touch was in race 2 and I made her my best bet for the Money Back Madness and she duly obliged at nice money too – $5.50FF.

The same analysis applies this week and hopefully the same result.

She’s had a tendency to get back in her races and finish strongly but once again there doesn’t appear to be a lot of early pace in the race.  She read the script perfectly and was third at the end of the back straight and was too strong for them from there.  The sectionals tell us this is a similar race and again if she can jump on terms, she has the finish to leave them to it.

The main dangers appear to be Big Time Gina (8 2nd) and Brazil Cambara (4).  Dyna Bryleigh doesn’t rate strongly but has the benefit of the inside draw and a much short distance may help.

It would seem that history does repeat.  Again, pretty much to script and a classic example of how valuable the sectionals can be to greyhound analysis.  A nice double and again good money.

Multi Makers

Last week was a classic reminder that even though you can get some short dividends with the greyhounds, it doesn’t make them unbeatable!

M3 R3 Bigtime Thor (2) was completely out of form but dropped back to C1 for an easy win.  Confidence should be up and has the clear top best rating and best rating for last start.

No multi made today!  Just missed the start and never a show.

Rugs Challenge

M3 – as I mentioned, a few scratchings make this a little more interesting.  The Predictor has box 8 ($5.25) and 2 ($3.10 favourite) on top.  I don’t think box 1 is out of it either ($4.50) and it has 10 runners in M3.  Small units at best.

M9 – another open challenge – happy to wait for a challenge where we have greater confidence.

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