It’s the last day for the terminating Pick 6’s.  Let’s hope they return soon.

The Pick 6s have been well supported and generated lots of interest.  And given the challenges facing racing, that’s exactly what we want.

Multi Makers

Race 1 Big Time Winter (1) rates clearly on top and has the ace draw and looks to have the early pace – not a lot of value at the end but mapped to win, rated to win, and the win was never in doubt

Box 1 looks like a dominant player in the rugs challenge – only paying $1.50 but if Bigtime Winter wins the first, the price will come in.  No scratchings too.

Pick 6 

Leg 1 – race 7

Logic suggests you only need to have Bigtime Pete (1) and Bigtime Shine (7).  Logic didn’t get me far last week though.  To be fair, Pete has a much improved draw and if he’s anywhere near his normal self, with a modicum of luck he would be an anchor.

Leg 2 – race 8

The distance races make it difficult to compare times and ratings – today we see the two favourites yet to race over the track and distance. Hot Platter won over distance at Wanganui so has to go into the mix although he needed a long nose to get up in the last stride.  The longer straight certainly should help.  Opawa June is another who has to be in the mix as does Allen Mack who gets box 2 and rates on top.  Bigtime Chloe just needs to pick a start and get handy as she has a strong closing sectional.   You would want to have all four.

Leg 3 – race 9

How big is your budget?  You would want to have at a minimum 3,5,2, and 8.  I think Tina is a little short at $2.20.  If you can afford it, add Blue Precision – box 1 record says put it in the mix.

Leg 4 – race 10

Another race where you potentially need to go a little wide.  A win for Bigtime Kobe (1) wouldn’t surprise but his record from box 1 hardly inspires and he’s definitely a risk of getting back.  If you can afford it, 1,2,4,5 7.  Lucha (8) maps to lead but just seem to have come back as strong as the previous campaign.

Leg 5 – race 11

At a minimum you have to have 1 and 5.  3 hasn’t run over the track and distance so hard to rule out.

Leg 6 – race 12

Again, logic would suggest that there’s three dominant chances and if you are confident perhaps the inside 2.  If there’s trouble on the inside, Bigtime Levi (7) would have to be right in the mix.  it’s potentially a match race between 1 and 2 with Cooper having the early speed.  Ironically, that could give Thrilling Talk the space to take a nice trail and burn down the outside.




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