Selections for Palmerston North greyhounds are now posted.  A reminder that there’s just one meeting with 12 races today.

From any of the ratings options, just click on the Selections link.  Here’s the link to the first race:

Also, a reminder that most of the sprints over the past 2 months have been over 410m – there’s just one race over that distance with the rest over the traditional 375m.

Some outstanding results half way through the card – two $10+ winners were our next best bet in races 3 and 4.

Rugs Challenge

Box 1 does look like the top pick but at $1.90 is no value.  The Predictor has the red rug picking up most of the points in the first half of the card and there’s a few races where i think the red is in the mix but there’s valid arguments against as well.

Box 1 does have one advantage – no scratchings.  Box 5 is the only other rug without any scratchings.

There doesn’t look to be a standout rug apart from box 1 but a couple that could be a bit of value are box 5 ($7) and box 8 ($10).  While box 8 has two scratchings, it has realistic chances of earning points in the first 2 races and if the red rug misses out, then it’s game on.

I’ll update this thread around 3pm.

Box 1 hasn’t quite dominated the way the bookies expected but the upset in race 5 helped with the red rug picking up a bonus two points.  Still happy to leave this one alone although box 8 has made up a lot of ground but the scratchings will have an impact.  Worth a small investment but no certainty.

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