Selections for both meetings are now posted.

From any of the ratings options, just click on the Selections link.  Here’s the link to the first race:

There’s 3 sets of heats today which means there’s dogs from all parts of the country which makes it difficult to line up form.  In most races, there’s also one or two mains chances so hard to find some value.  There’s plenty of racing at this time of year so we don’t need to be chasing the races – we can use the ratings to find the best value chances.  Best bet goes round in Race 3.  Jumped run and won like you want a $2.40 to do.  Easy.

Don’t forget you can win 6 Months Free Ratings too.  Entries close 7PM tonight.

I’ll update this post with an assessment of the Rugs Challenge before the first race.

Rugs Challenge

The bookies have it as a race in three featuring box 1 ($2.90), box 2 ($1.80) and box 8 ($4.80).  The Predictor has box 8 on top so I think there’s a bit of value in the pink.

Box 7 features rates second in the Predictor and is currently paying a whopping $18.  The Ratings have box 7 getting a handful of points in the first couple of races which are a lottery – but if it did pick up points, then you won’t be getting $18.

Box 2 looks very strong in the last four races but it does look a bit skinny early on apart from Sparta in race 3 which I’ve made the bet of the day.  I think it’s worth taking a risk and holding off on backing box 2 until at least race 3.

I’ll update this section after the two dart board races that open the card so back again around 12.30.

Box 2 has picked up 4 points so far which changes things completely.  Both boxes 7 and 8 have yet to score which doesn’t help.  I rate Sparta as the bet of the day so it certainly will make it challenging with box 2 likely to pick up another 10 points or so in the last 4 races.  If Sparta gets beaten it could open things up but as it stands box 2 is in a very strong position.



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