We don’t often get a pick 6 at Palmerston North – hopefully the sectionals will help us find the winners!

Just a note that most of the sprints are back to 375m for this meeting.  Keep in mind that all sprints have been over 410m for the last 6 weeks so it does and a bit of doubt into the mix.

It looks a very competitive pick 6 and if you’re live going into the last, you could be up for a decent collect.

Race 7

White Comet (2) looks to be the best bet and should have the wood on them if he gets a decent start.  Looks to have the best closing sectional.  Judge Me Jackie (8) and Cawbourne Looks (5) should show up in the early dash.  With some open races later, we’re pretty much forced to go narrow in the opening leg – as much as I hate missing the first leg of a multi leg bet.  So go with White Comet and if the budget allows Cawbourne Looks and cross our fingers.

Nice start.  White Comet looked the obvious candidate but it was always nerve wracking to go short in the first leg of a pick 6!

Race 8

Zipping Cobra (6) just keeps on winning and you can’t do better than that.  The last three draws haven’t been helpful but he’s overcome everything put in front of him – so far.  It does look a very open race based on the ratings – Zipping Cobra is on his way up while dogs like Big League Diva are downgrading.  If he jumps well then he will be worth his favouritism but there’s always a risk from box 6.

From a value point of view, it would certainly add some value if the Cobra lacked some sting today as some may be tempted to anchor him.  The ratings tell us it should be a lot more open than the bookies have it so I would look to include Zipping Cobra (6) along with Bigtime Forest (1), Quistis Bale (4), Bigtime Chris (7) and Big League Diva (8).  If you want to go shorter, you then just Zipping Cobra and Big League Diva go on your ticket although I do like Bigtime Chris to spice up the exotics.

Hats off to Zipping Cobra – she keeps on picking the jump and it just makes her tough to beat.

Race 9

Close to a field job here so unless you’ve got deep pockets, you might have to leave out some decent chances.  In a race this open, box speed can be the edge so we’ll start with the likely leaders.

Bigtime Lily looks like she can get an early lead here based on the lack of speed elsewhere.  She’s in great form and we know she has a decent closing sectional too.  Kirkham Coby (2) is likely to be the outsider in this race but has early pace along with an errant GPS – he will likely head out to the right of the track which could make it challenging for runners on his outside.  Bigtime Caleb (8) could also pop up early and the outside draw will help him, especially if there’s a fracas at the start.

Of the swoopers, the best bets look like Ardern Emgrand (3) and Fusion Cronulla (4).

May the force be with you!  There looks to be a few decent chances in this leg so I’d want 1,3,4,5 and 8 to add some value in the pink rug.

I thought the pink rug was going to do us proud but in the end it was one of the fab four that did it for us and the one who gave us the best value too.  So we should all still be live in the pick 6 but have gone a little short in the next leg.

Race 10

Given how competitive some of the other races are, we may need to go a little shorter here.  Luke Skywalker (4) almost did it for us at a nice price last week while Flying Huey (3) looks the likely pacesetter.  It’s hard to know what to do with Free Option (2) – it’s his first crack at the 457m but in three starts at Manawatu he’s been placed or won all three times.  The only other runner you might consider would be Here’s Hemi (5) although the squeeze box doesn’t help.

I’d look to play around Luke Skywalker but I wouldn’t go solo – look for some coverage from Flying Huey (3) and if you have the budget once again add in the others.

OK, I should have gone solo after all.  He did what he almost did last week and it looks like Free Option added a bit of value to the Pick 6.  Hopefully you’re all still live … into the lottery race!

Race 11

A strange race to map – nothing looks like it has early speed so it could set it up for whoever jumps best.  That looks to be Three of Hearts (5) but she’s not the strongest finisher.  That said, she lead all the way last start at Hatrick on Friday night over 520m.

Kamada Park (6) is slow – the map knows where he’ll be out of the boxes.  Last start, he got back but got an absolutely charmed run along the rails to nab Luke Skywalker in the shadow of the finishing post.  So he’s going to need luck to repeat.  Bills Barker (1) is normally slow but in this race, he might be able to get on pace early and has a reasonable closing sectional.  One that could also get on the pace early is Cawbourne Symsy  (2) – he’s got a kinder draw today and he’s close to where he prefers to draw.  Tuff Mr Tee (3) could also pop up in what looks a pretty open race.

Again, the sectionals and speed map helped highlight the main chances and also why Kamada Park wasn’t a worthy favourite.  

Race 12

Bigtime Wendle (2) looks almost certain to lead this race with Mila Mila (1) possibly pushing up on the rails.  Roman Nose Zarr (4) was a blackbooker at Hatrick on Friday night but this looks short of his best.  Bigtime Mia is a recent downgrader – the draw is a question mark but the class is not.  Lunch Special (5) looked the winner a long way out last week and can repeat.  Bigtime Tears (7) downgrades and likes the outside draw.

If you’re live going into the last, you would like to have a few.  If you have to go shorter, then work around the inside two boxes.

A very comfortable way to finish the pick 6.  Once the field had settled, it was no stress especially with Wendle missing the jump.  The shock was the $10K but a nice way to go into Christmas.



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