We’re trialling a new feature today – race selections.

Over the past 5 years or so, we’ve had a few requests for greyhound selections.  While we think most subscribers simply want the data to support their own selections, there’s also likely to be some people who just want selections.

This is the first stage – providing the selections to subscribers.  The next phase will be to provide the selections as a PDF for people who want to use them on course or at home on the couch.

We won’t be providing selections for every meeting either – premier meetings and evenings will be the focus.

The selections are easily found – just click on the Selections link in the menu:


For each meeting, we’ll attempt to find a best bet, one or more value bets and if there’s a likely race, a speed map special.

Speed Map Special

Today’s speed map special is M3 race 9 – two dogs – Midnight Molly (6) and Luke Skywalker (2) – map to contest lead and there looks to be some nice value there as well.  In addition, Toki Girl from box 1 won well for the predictor last week and maps to sit in behind the leaders.


Ouch!  Things were tracking nicely in the quaddie until the last race when the speed map was turned on its head.   Once the two mapped leaders missed the jump, the race complexion changed completely.

Any feedback, we’d love to hear from you.

Back with an assessment of the Rugs Challenge shortly.



Rugs Challenge

A reminder that the Palmerston North races are split into two meetings hence there are two rugs challenges – M3 (10 races) and M9 (5 races).


Based on the predictor, this is the most even Rugs Challenge we’ve seen for some time.  The bookies have gone for box 1 and it’s pretty short at $2.20.  Box 8 has some appeal with the most chances to earn points and is a little more value at $5.

If you like a box, get on as you should get great value outside of the bookies’ favourites.

If the Predictor is right, box 1 is likely to be paying more than it’s opening price after the first couple of races but has some stronger chances from race 4.

I’ll update after race 3.

Not sure what has happened to my update but as it turned out box 1 held on to win.  The opening odds of $2.20 were pretty short and during the challenge you could have got over $3.


There looks to be better value in the second Rugs Challenge.  The Predictor reckons there’s only three boxes in it:

  • Box 2 – $4.5 -> $12
  • Box 6 – $9
  • Box 7 – $9

The late scratching of runner 2 in race 1 has changed things considerably it’s now out to $12.

At those prices, you should be able to split your bet and make a profit regardless of which box comes in – assuming of course it’s one of these three.

Keep in mind prices change after each race and the price can change dramatically, especially if the rug scores points.  All three rugs have legitimate chances in M9 race 1.


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