Before you know it, its back to Monday and we’re back with free ratings for the Palmerston North greyhounds.

The lay of the day was on the mark last week but the bet of the day wasn’t as obliging.  Still, we had the ride of our lives with the rugs challenge – our recommended selection got out to $51 before the bookies just about lost their lunch.  We got a third of our money back after a three way tie but a third of a lot is still better than twice nothing!

All you need to do is purchase the one day pass – it’s free on Mondays!

And if you’ve previously registered, you can use the one click purchase option.

First race is at 1.25 pm.  Don’t forget, there are two meetings at Palmerston North – M3 (10 races) and M9 (5 races).

** Updated with the bet, lay of the day and our recommended bet for the rugs challenge.


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