The Form Races report is a great way to find races that included future winners.  It’s a quick and easy way to find races that have proven form lines and then identify runners from the race who are worth tracking.

Even better, you can view the report without an active membership for the next week.

Report Basics

The report is very simple – just choose the number of days eg last 30 days, last 60 days etc.  You can view the report here.

The report is updated overnight every week on Tuesday nights.

To find the report, go to the NZ Racing menu and scroll down to Form Races.

Three Views

There’s actually three parts to the Race Form report:

  • the actual report
  • race results, showing the number of future winners
  • the full list of future winners from a selected race

Using the links, you can quickly drill down from the summary report to the top form races and then view the race results and the names of the future races.  From the future winners, you can then view the results (and runners) of these future races.

Using the Data

How you use the data is up to you – there’s no set approach.

You might want to focus on local races or you can take a national view.

Once you’ve found a race to analyse, you can find the future winners and then look for runners that were in the mix but haven’t won or even run since.  You can then add those runners to your tracker.

Top Races

The top race for the last 30 days is a maiden run at Matamata with 4 winners.  View the race results.  Harbourside looks like a good horse to follow.

The best race over the last 60 days is a maiden from Otago with 8 winners.

Interestingly, the one of the top four form races over the last 60 days was another maiden at Matamata in September.  The winner of that race was Katie Perrie and a number of the runners in the race went on to the top race in the last 30 days.  Katie Perrie went on to win again on Saturday to further frank the form out of this race.

Any questions or thoughts, please leave a comment or contact Neil or David.

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