The Rugs Challenge struck again with a great collect for those who follow this particular bet type.

As we explained yesterday, the Rugs Challenge can throw up some excellent value and the Predictor is a great way to get a quick overview of which boxes are likely to perform best.

The top 2 rugs today at Ascot were box 2, which opened at $2.30 while the Predictor had box 8 a clear second change.

The pink rug actually opened at $18 – yet the Predictor had it getting 8 points after just the first three races.  As it turned out the Predictor knew more than the bookies at the $18 was never in doubt.

If you haven’t played the Rugs Challenge before, it’s a great bet type if you’re prepared to look for some early value.  You can also spread your investment with very small units so that you maximise your chance of a decent collect.

We’ll focus on the Rugs Challenge on Sunday and Monday’s dog races.

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