The rugs challenge can be a great way to find some great value.  Box 8 the winner of the early rugs challenge yesterday opened at $24 – and it was predicted by the ratings to be one of the top two options! The advantage of the ratings of course is that we can look at predictions for any race in advance.  Now, you can see what this could mean for the rugs challenge on a single page.

Beta mode

We’ve been testing this for a month or two and the results have been extremely promising.  The page is still in beta mode – for example, in time we will add the results of the races so far so you can see how things have been progressing.


If you haven’t bet on the rugs challenge a lot, it’s also worthwhile taking a little time to understand the strategy.  The bookies open their markets early in the day and clearly base their prices on their expectations of what will happen.  If you can find a short priced favourite you think could be beaten, then that will almost certainly play into this market as the bookies – quite logically – predict that the short priced favourites will pick up the points in the rugs challenge.

The prices can change dramatically during the course of a meeting.  If you think a box will have a good run later in the meeting, then you could be better off waiting for a race or two or at least split your bet (minimum is $1).

If you have one or two boxes live into the last leg, it is quite possible to cover one or more other live options and good prices and still come out on top.

New to Greyhound Betting?

If you’re new to greyhound betting or want an interest across a meeting for a low investment, then the rugs challenge is ideal for you.  With a little bit of analysis, it can also be a profitable way to spend your punting dollars.

Good punting!




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