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Recommended Bets

I’ll be back by 12 noon with my recommended bets including lay of the day and a look at the rugs challenge too.

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First race is at 13.05.


Bet of the Day – M3 R2 Bigtime Pete (2)

It’s not like me to suggest a $1.45 shot as bet of the day.  As we’ve seen plenty of times before, plenty can go wrong with greyhound racing.

That said, Bigtime Pete looks the perfect multi builder.  His two losses were when he was drawn out and was a little close away.  Today, his drawn box two and actually maps to lead.  All he needs is a little bit of clear air and unless he’s tackled by JWH or one of the other Kiwis forwards, they won’t catch him.  His closing sectional last week in a C1 race was half a length of the best of the day and bettered by only two dogs.

With Nero being scratched he looks to have a clear passage to the rails and any other pressure on the speed will come from the outside boxes.  But he should be able to find his way to the rail and from there it should be a case of what he wins by.

You won’t get rich but if you can multi him up with a couple of other winners, you will be getting a nice little bonus.

Not often you can say $1.45 was overs but the race went exactly to script and from the moment he stuck his nose in front it was all over.  Hopefully you were able to multi him up into a few winners and it will also help our rugs challenge.

Lay of the Day – M9 R5 Blazin’ Carter (8)

As I noted a week or two back, labelled a dog – especially a favourite – to lose risks getting egg on one’s face – if not the full chicken.

Blazin’ Carter has come up as favourite in the last race of the day but there has to be some major flags after his last race.  He didn’t seem all that happy and particularly once he was back and surrounded by other dogs.

So on the one hand, the outside alley should suit.  Having said that, the speed maps shows that there are two dogs who are likely to match or better BC out of the boxes – and one of those is Monster Fish who ran outstanding sectionals at the start and the end of his race last week.

The Predictor shows that there are four other dogs who in their last 6 starts have rated the equal or better than BC’s best.

I think Monster Fish is definitely better value – I’d still have BC in the quaddie but at close to evens he’s no value.

Rugs Challenge

M3 – The Predictor suggests this is a one dog race – the stripes (box 2).  It’s quite possible that the stripes should have at least 5 points after the first 2 races so you can pretty much guarantee you won’t get better odds than the current $3.  It certainly looks great value.

Update after r2.  Manimal was disappointing in race 1 but postman Pete delivered in race 2 – the bookies now have the stripes in to $2.30.

After r10 – we had to wait until the last race but by that stage the stripes were paying $1.01.  It looked great value at the start of the day and so it proved to be.  

M9 – I like box 7 to win but you’re effectively got three chances – races 1, 4 and 5.  There’s no runner in race 3 and in race 2 we’re on a longshot.  If Bigtime Doug can win or run second in race 1, then the $3.80 will look very tasty.  6 points could be enough to win across five races but we would be looking for more than a little luck.





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