We are planning on finally migrating the Ratings site to a new platform this weekend.

This has been a major project which has taken 6 months to get this far and there’s still work to be done.

Major Improvements

However, there are a number of major improvements in terms of the new platform:

  • better data structure
  • cleaner design and longer term simpler presentation of data with enhanced use of imagery
  • a move to the top e-commerce platform for WordPress, Woocommerce
  • new functionality and potentially new codes

Change Sunday night, 19 August

The first phase of the migration is planned to happen Sunday evening, 19 August.  From around 5pm, the site will go into maintenance mode so you won’t be able to view the site.  Hopefully, if everything goes to plan, from Monday when you visit the site, the new site will be displayed correctly and we can pop the bubbles!

Password and Account

As part of the changeover, you will need to use a temporary password.  Please check back for instructions on what to do.

Please note that as we have free ratings on Mondays, you won’t need a password or active account to access the new site tomorrow.

Any questions or comments, please leave a comment below or call David on 021 794 120.


David and Neil

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