Tonight’s big greyhound race is the Formpro Amazing Chase.  Great great, great sponsor ;)


To understand how to approach the race, you need to understand the format.

Dogs have qualified based on times at three courses – Manukau, Hatrick and Addington.

The top eight qualifiers face off in 4 match races – dog v dog.  The inside runner is drawn in 1 with the other dog drawn in 3.

After the 4 match races, the times are all lined up with the fastest time being the winner, the second fastest time second, and so on.  So even though there are 4 races, the TAB can still offer exotics based on times.

Note that numbers 1 and 2 fight it out in the first match race, 3 and 4 in the second and so on.

Match ups

The first match up starts at 7.05 pm.

Match 1: 1 Dyna Weslyn (red) v 2 Dyna Dave (stripes)

Dyna Dave is the favourite to take out the big prize but he needs to get past his kennelmate Weslyn first.  Dave has run the times at both Hatrick and Addington where he broke the long standing track record before another Dyna – Dyna Weslyn (5) lowered his time.  You would think that Dave would have the upper hand – he’s running in higher class for one.  So Dave is a deserved favourite but I think Weslyn is a little over the odds at 11FF to win the lot.  He’s unbeaten in NZ beating Egomanical a couple back plus with box 1 he’s a chance to get the earlier lead.

Match 2: 3 Pinny Mack (white) v 4 Cawbourne Krusty

Pinny Mack has yet to race in NZ (let’s not go there) so it’s hard to get a handle on her chances.  Krusty is a lot like the Warriors – you really don’t know what you’re going to get.  We can only go on exposed form so Krusty gets the nod but she isn’t the most reliable beginner.  However, the match races conditions could help her come from behind although a slow start will doom her chances to win the big prize.

Match 3: 5 Dyna Elwyn (gold) v 6 Bigtime Paddy (green)

Another great matchup.  Paddy is a multiple group one winner – if this was an 8 field race you’d have to back Paddy’s ring craft and will to win.  He’s not absolutely sensational every race but he’s been in great form and of all of these knows his way around Hatrick.  He’s gets the nod due to home ground advantage.

Match 4: 7 Ask King Jeff (black) v 8 Nature’s Gent (pink)

Nature’s Gent is a CD dog but qualified via Auckland.  Based on his recent form, it’s hard to see the Gent beat the King.  King Jeff qualified with a sub 30 run so we’ll go with the King to return the prize.


One times, track craft, and will to win it’s hard to go past Dyna Dave or Bigtime Paddy.

For a roughie, I like the look of Dyna Weslyn at $11FF and $2.80 to place

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