It’s a red letter day for the Formpro Ratings, not just a red ink day as per normal!

For the last month, there’s been a major ongoing project to rebuild the ratings – this is the biggest rebuild in the nearly 10 years of the Ratings.  While much of the improvements are at the back end, you will start to see some of the improvements over the next month or so.

The current least is beta – that means, the data should be correct but there may be some issues with some of the functionality – and that’s where you come in.  Feel free to use the new site – there’s no login required – and if you find anything, please let us know.

Please note that the new site may be a little slow – we have some backend tricks we use when the site goes live to make it go faster.

Also, if you are not aware, some NZ greyhound meetings are now being split into 2 if there are more than 12 races hence why there are 2 meetings for Palmerston North tomorrow.

Update 10.39 a.m.

Meeting 9

Race 2 3.39 p.m.

Confidence: 3/5

1.Cawbourne Taylor recently dropped back from racing against better dogs in Class 2 and Restricted age races from wide draws. She gets back to this weaker Class 1 race from an ideal Box 1 draw where the 2 and 3 dogs don’t veer left early, so with an even beginning she can push through and lead and has the best middle distance rating here. She is the type of dog that once she gets a good sight of the lure, she gives it 100%. RP $2.40, $3.10 FF

No other bets there.





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