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Today’s Bets

After four weeks, we have a 50% record with our bet of the day with both the winners being at extremely nice odds.  It looks tougher today as the bookies must have been doing extras since last week.  Our lay of the day has been beaten – as predicted 3 times out of 4 and last week we managed to find the $7 winner as well so that may be where the value is today.

Bet of the Day – Race 4- Daisy Lara (1)

We’re not going to break the bank with our recommended bet today – the bookies have seen to that.

Daisy Lara looks a good bet in race 4.  She has a great record from box 1 (5 wins from 10 starts), six wins from 18 attempts at 375m at Manawatu and the second best rating as well.  Her last start win gives her the best rating for last race so she is definitely primed and ready.

Last start at Palmy she ran third but made it tough on herself checking around runners yet she still made the top 10 opening and closing sectionals for the day.

From the inside draw she should get a decent chance to find some space especially with Joe Joe likely to be slow away in box 2.

For trifectas consider Daisy Lara, Bear Inda Square, Frisky Gambler and for some nice value to spice up the tri, Kirkham Jasper.

Not today.  As with Bigtime Bev in race 2, for some dogs being slow away in box 1 can be a curse if they try to get on the outside.  So Daisy Lara was beaten fair and square (boom tish!) although the $50 trifecta appeared to be overs and gave us some back.  It’s remarkable how often odds on shots get beaten at the dogs, especially on these Mondays.

Lay of the Day – Race 14 – Tobermory (3)

Tobermory could definitely win this race but so too could any number of runners – it’s one of those races.  So the $2.60 on offer does look a little skinny.

On paper things look good – he’s two from two from box four (there’s some math poetry in there I think) while he’s won two from seven starts.  So far so good.

However, he has a tendency to get back at the start – in first win, he was very slow away but got a charmed passage along the rail.  That win was the only race he’s run time as well.

The early speed does look to be on the outside and Jelani could be one to pop up.  Forget the run last start – slow away, burnt around the outside and then got checked out of the race.  From the wider draw and without a lot of box speed inside, she’s got to be right in this.  She’s one for one at the course and distance and it’s worth noting that her closing sectional was the 11th best of the day.

Nippa-A-Spot and Bigtime Moe Moe are other chances while Cawborne Bettsy is second favourite but has less box speed than Ted the turtle.

We might have been out with our bet of the day but the lay of the day was right on the lolly.  A strange old race and it did look like Jelani was going to write the perfect script but Bigtime Moe Moe was a better bet than the favourite in the quaddie so hopefully everyone is live into the last.  Tobermory came into $2.10 which was crazy money but if you found the winner (and not the concession winner like me!) you would be pretty happy.




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